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APRIL 10TH & 11TH - MIKE HERNANDEZ - TAMPA NATIVE, CURRENTLY WORKING IN SEATTLE, WA - Our studio is excited to welcome Mike for a short guest spot in April! Don't miss out! Please check out his social media page @mike_bwp for a better look at his recent work.  Mike has an extremely versatile style and will have designs available.  Custom designs possible.  To ensure you get your spot while he's here please DM him on Instagram or e-mail him at: mikebwptattoo@gmail.com 

APRIL 12TH-14TH - DANNY PIEDRA - AMAZING TRADITIONAL TATTOOER, DANNY PIEDRA, FROM INK SMITH & ROGERS TATTOO IN JACKSONVILLE, FL - Danny has an exceptional style in the world of traditional tattoos and gives quality work from available designs to custom drawing requests.  We are excited to have him work at our studio for a few days and can't wait to see what he makes while he's here! To view more of his portfolio check out his recent work on Instagram: @dannypiedra_jr or check out his portfolio at: http://inksmithtattoo.com/artists/danny-piedra/ To get an appointment with Danny please contact:  d_piedra@me.com

APRIL 17TH-20TH - NICK WAGNER - OWNER OF BLACK HIVE TATTOO IN JACKSONVILLE, FL. - To schedule an appointment with Nick please send a brief description of your idea to: blackhivetattoo@gmail.com  To view Nick's portfolio visit www.blackhivetattoo.com and follow him on social media @oldmanwagner.  Also, Nick loves tattooing Japanese themes, various folklore, Lovecraftian monsters, and generally more aggressive, dynamic images.

APRIL 23RD-30TH - GREG LARAIGNE - FROM IMAGO TATTOO IN MONTREAL, CANADA.  Greg has worked at our studio several times throughout the years and is coming back this Spring to work on new pieces.  Upon viewing Greg's portfolio you will see he is phenomenal at complex script, roses/flowers, animal, nature and human figure designs.  To view his work visit: http://www.imagotattoo.com/greg-laraigné and follow him on social media @greg_laraigne.  To book an appointment with Greg please contact him at: greglaraignetattoo@gmail.com

To inquire about guest artists schedule and available appointments please contact Sarah at, rl1generalinfo@gmail.com