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JULY 30TH  -  August 4TH - GEORGIE WILLIAMS.  Georgie is originally from New Zealand and has been doing a world tattoo tour for some time.  She plans to make a stop at our studio in Tampa this Summer!  We are very excited as Georgie's style is unlike anyone at our studio and in the area.  She tattoos futuristic/cybernetic styles using only blackwork.  A unique style of tattooing to find in the United States, especially so well executed on the human form. To view more of Georgie's work, visit her Instagram: @_georgiewilliams_  To inquire about availability e-mail: georgiewtattoo@gmail.com  

AUGUST 1ST  -  5TH  -  ANDRE MALCOLM.  Andre is returning to finish a few large pieces he started during his last visit but should have some time available to start a few new pieces as well.  To view his work visit: www.andretattoos.com and to schedule an appointment e-mail: andremalcolmtattoo@gmail.com

August 13TH - 24TH  -  FIBS.  Fibs is a phenomenal tattooER from Puerto Rico who travels across the United States and Europe making Japanese style tattoos.  HIs work ranges from small to large scale pieces.  Fibs has made several guest appearances at our studio over the past year and we are incredibly excited to welcome him back this August!  To see what his remaining availability is please contact him via e-mail at: elfibs23@gmail.com



To inquire about guest artists schedule and available appointments please contact Sarah at, rl1generalinfo@gmail.com